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The PassCare will connect you to your patients.

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Saving time & Zero paper

Save 5 min/patient

Thanks to PassCare PRO, there is no need for specific software:

  • Simplification of access to patient health information & reports from other healthcare professionals with the Patient PassCare card ( 1,000 PassCare cards to offer/year to your patients)
  • The virtual printer allows you to fill in the patient file without double entry & with a single click

Teleconsultation & Tele-expertise

Offer a local service to your patients

PassCare PRO, a video service to increase efficiency:

  • Possibility of remote consultations with patients
  • Easy exchange of information about the patient with other health professionals

Interprofessional coordination

Exchange easily and safely with other health professionals

In order to bring the best expertise to your PassCare PRO patients, will give you access without changing platforms to:

  • Integrated messaging that provides the ability to communicate between healthcare professionals
  • PhotoCare which allows you to share on pathologies of your patients through an exchange of photos

Management tools & prevention

Favour a local service with your patients

With PassCare PRO, interactive communication with your patients will be possible:

  • Screening and prevention campaign
  • Dashboard to access the statistics of his patients
  • Simplified communication on your leave, etc.

Referencing your expertise

Optimize the visibility of your expertise

  • Your specialty referenced on the PassCare PRO website and on the Internet
  • International accessibility